Service Plans

What is a Service Plan?

A Service Plan lets you spread the cost of servicing and essential car maintenance by providing inflation proof budgeting without untimely bills. Payments are made by monthly direct debit, just like you pay household bills.

How much is the monthly payment?

This will depend on your specific requirements and we can provide you with a free quotation. The monthly interest-free payment is based on your annual mileage, which maintenance items you include in the plan and the length of time before your next service is due.

Will I save money by having a plan?

Yes, future service costs are calculated at today’s prices with any discounts already applied. Not only do you save on the retail price but your car servicing will be inflation free for the duration of the plan. Ask one of our advisors and we’ll show you exactly how it will benefit you.

What if I change the car or move away?

If you purchase another car from us any money remaining can be transferred, free of charge, to a new Herts Audi Specialist plan. If you move away or buy a car elsewhere and don't want us to maintain it you can cancel your plan and we will refund any outstanding balance to you.

What else do I get?

As a Herts Audi Specialist customer you benefit from free puncture repairs, £100 towards your insurance excess if your vehicle is repaired by us and £200 off the next vehicle you buy from us, over and above any other agreed deal. Your friends and family can also claim these promotions.

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Audi Service Plan

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